Friday, 31 January 2014

80's Nails.


 A couple of days ago I decided that I wanted to have some lighter colours on my nails. I think it might just be because I'm a sucker for pastel colours/ spring shades.

My inspiration for colour choice came from.....

The 80's shell suits!I love the colour combos and the green I am using especially feels quite 80's!

I apologise for the blurry photos, I took them at night and I might wasn't playing ball.

Barry M are my 'go to' nail varnishes, I especially like their gelly range. On the left of this picture is Barry M gelly nail paint in 'Greenberry.' On the right is a Barry M normal nail polish in 'Berry Ice.'

With the bad camera work this looks like a pastel green/blue, which in the bottle it does look paler than it is. however I assure you it's not pastel!

I love Berry Ice, I like having lilac colours on my nails but for some reason I don't wear it that often. Although I was looking at my nail polish collection the other day and realised I am seriously lacking in the purple colour department, which is odd because purple is an old favourite colour for me.

I am hoping the colour difference shows up on the nail. It was just a cute simple manicure, Green Berry on all fingers apart from my ring which I made an accent nail.

I love this but I just got two new Models Own colours (which I will review) so I am itching to have a colour change!

What colours have you been painting your nails? Do you take inspiration from certain periods in time?


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