Monday, 29 September 2014

Autumn Nails.


   Well by looking at the weather we have been having recently I wouldn't blame you if you had forgotten that we are slowly creeping into Autumn! All of the leaves are beginning to change colour and there has been a slight chill in the air at night time.

   I thought it was about time to dig out some Autumnal nail polishes, however I realised that my nail varnishes are mostly pastels and brights and although that can work in autumn I was really hoping to find a darker orange or a yellow. I decided to pop into Superdrug on Thursday and picked up these three beauties:

These are all Barry M Gelly polishes in Mustard, Satsuma and Watermelon. I don't wear mustard yellow as clothes as it doesn't suit my colouring, however I couldn't resist it in nail polish form!

I'm wearing Mustard here with an accent nail in Satsuma. In real life the orange actually looks slightly darker, almost the colour of Heinz Soup! These were all two coats and finished with Models Own top coat. These lasted 4 days before two of them peeled off, but the rest have barely chipped! They come in at £3.99 each which aren't bad at all!

 As an aside, when I got home I realised I already had the Watermelon green, d'oh!

What colours have you been painting on your nails recently?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Slimming World Progress Report.


   I thought it was about time I wrote a little Slimming World progress report as it has now been 12 weeks since I started.

   I weigh in on a Tuesday even which I like because it means that I can be a little bit slack on Saturdays and still have Sunday and Monday to make up for it. This week I lost 4 and a half pounds taking me up to 1st 11.5 pounds in 12 weeks :)

I also got Slimmer of the Week for the first time!

This is my little inspiration wall:

Notice I don't have a half stone award, that still bugs me! I have now been Slimmer of the Month twice in a row which is pretty awesome too.

Weight loss isn't easy, even on Slimming World where the plan is so easy to follow, saying no to things is difficult and making the right choices can be hard some days too. The thing about eating is that the joy of eating something unhealthy/yummy lasts for as long as you're eating, but the happiness gained from feeling good about yourself/being able to buy clothes you like and so on lasts so so much longer.

I would never force anyone into losing weight and it is something you have to decide to do on your own. It took me years and years to decide to do something about my weight and I am the only one who is in charge of whether or not I have the will power to get to my goal.

In 12 weeks I have only stayed the same once and have lost some weight all the other weeks and that is something to be proud of. I don't have high self esteem so it is difficult to be proud of myself, but I am learning to be happy with my achievements and to not be so scared about not getting a bit loss.

This is a little comparison of me at the start and me 2 weeks ago when I had got up to a stone and a half off, I'm hoping I'm not the only one who can see a difference :p

So there you go, a little weight loss update on me :) If tomorrows shopping trip goes to plan I should have some really cute autumn nail colours to show you, which I'm very excited about!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Autumn Wish List.


   Can you believe its September already?The months are going so fast, in a blink of an eye Christmas will be round the corner again!

   September to December is always my busiest time of the year and always involves me spending much more money than I should! This month alone is both my dads and Toms mums birthdays so I already have more money going out than usual! On top of that my phone has decided to give up the ghost so buying a new phone is also looming on the horizon!

    So I thought I would create a wishlist for the whole of autumn, I generally tend to buy myself something if I lose weight at Slimming World so hopefully I will be able to purchase a few things!

Dr Martens boots in Cherry.
I actually have a pair of Dr Martens in electric blue which I wore to death, however for some unknown reason when I moved back from uni I could only find one! I definitely didn't throw it out or leave it anywhere but as I can't find it I definitely need a new pair. These cost quite a bit of money although you can get them cheaper on Ebay, however because I know I will wear them all the time they're a really good investment!

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer A Flush.

I already own two of these lip lacquers however MUA have just bought out four new shades and A Flush is the one that really caught my eye. These retail for £3 and I use them all the time so it isn't a luxury item in my books!

It pains me that I still haven't seen this yet! I thought it would be right up my alley and my dad told me yesterday that he watched it on his flight back from Dubai and that I would love it, so I'm desperate to own it. It's probably one of those things I will wait until it goes on offer as DVDs often are, it will be miiiine!

Clutch Bag- Peacocks.

This bag is seriously cute and something I have had my eye on for a while now. It's actually reduced to £6 from £12 so I am very very tempted to buy it. It isn't really the best bag for the season, it's more summery but it's so pretty!

So as you know,I am a Models Own gal when it comes to nail polish, however Essie always catches my eye in terms of colour choice. I don't have any particular colours in mind, sometimes I wish you could request a mixed lot and see what you get! These are another thing that I will be scouting for offers on!

Yankee Candle in Amber Moon-Large Jar.

Amber Moon is one of my favourite ever Yankee Candle scents, it's beautiful. I found this on temptationgifts.com where its reduced to £14 (RRP £20) I am tempted to pick it up! I love the tart version of this but I really like having candles burning too so having the best of both worlds would be great.

There are many more things on my wishlist but these are the ones that keep surfacing most often, hopefully I will be able to get my greedy mitts on them at some point!

What things have you been itching to buy recently?