Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Village Life.


I have lived in the same little village for my whole life, although I lived in another house when I was first born. My sister and I were well known because there had been very few sets of twins in our village, I think we were in the local newspaper! (This tells you how small it is/was.)

I live in a little village called Aylesford in Kent. There is the 'old village' where I live, it has less than 100 homes in it, we have 2 pubs, a corner shop, a hairdressers and a beauticians, that's it! There is a bus out of our village once an hour if you're lucky!

A couple of years ago I went to live in London for university. I didn't live in central London, but it was close enough! I hate the busyness of the city, not a fan of the rushing around or the pollution and noise! London is fabulous, its got a million and one things to do. My family originally come from Hackney in East London so I have spent a lot of time there, but I could honestly never live there permanently.

Since moving back to the countryside I have tried to make an effort to make the most of it, although I have some anxiety issues about the outside world :p I try my best though!

This was taken from the top of a hill near a church, it overlooks the village towards the river, I love all the different chimney tops!

Arty tree with sunlight :p

This was taken from scaffolding outside my house,there was a fire at our local homebase! But it also gives a pretty awesome view of my road. I live on a one way road next door to a primary school, it means my 3 cats can wander relatively safely.

What's village life without some horses in a field?! My sister took this picture, apparently the horses came for a stroke too. I'm scared of horses so I think I would stay clear!

What a lovely clear winters day, because there is a massive hill in our village there are some stunning views.

So there we go, a little snapshot of my countryside life!

Where do you live?Do you dream of moving to the city or out to the countryside?

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