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Marc Jacobs Perfumes.


I used to be one of those ladies that had a million different perfumes. I hated the idea of having a signature scent, why would I only want to smell like one thing?! However I have significantly lowered my number of perfumes over the years, partly due to my tastes changing and partly to do with the fact perfume is so expensive these days that I couldn't keep it up.

These days I have three perfumes, one is an everday perfume and two are my 'special occasion perfumes.' Amor Amor is my everyday perfume, I will do a review about it at some point but its a beautiful smelling perfume, I love it!

My two special occasion perfumes are Dot and Honey by Marc Jacobs.

On the left is Honey and right is Dot.
 Both of these perfumes come in the most fabulous bottles! Although I wouldn't judge a perfume by its bottle, if I were these two would be high on my list to buy.

Both of these perfumes contain 50 ml of perfume, you can get Dot and Honey in 30,50 and 100 ml. I have found that because I use these occasionally they are both going to last me a long time! I have had Dot for a year and have used less than half a bottle.

Both of these perfumes have their names stamped on the front on a gold label as well as the brand, the pictures are not the best because they give off a reflection!

Each bottle has a pop off cap (I don't even think that's the right terminology!) They look like its a screw top but I think that's just for show. The lids make a click when pushed down so you know your perfume isn't going to leak!

They both also have a regular push down spray pump. It gives off quite a big burst of perfume so I tend not to squeeze right to the bottom.

Onto the individual perfumes!

Dot comes in an absolutely gorgeous bottle, inspired by Marc Jacobs love of polka dots. The bottle has two small butterflies on the bottle with fake pearl bodies. 

The lid on Dot is absolutely huge! It has a gigantic pair of wings welded onto a round polka dot lid. 

I apologise for the dirty lid, it has been sitting on my shelf!

Dot is described as 'a delectable blend of red berries, succulent dragon fruit and sweet honeysuckle. The floral heart of the fragrance blooms with addictive jasmine and notes of coconut water and orange blossom. The base of the fragrance is a feminine mix of creamy vanilla, driftwood and sensual musks. A lush, juicy floral that comes full circle with a balance of modern whimsy and classic elegance.'

I never take much stock in the smells that are described in perfume, for a start I cannot smell any coconut at all and I think perfume smells different to everyone. However I will describe what I think it smells like although I don't claim to have any expertise!

To me Dot when first sprayed has a mixture of light floral as well as a masculine edge, which I think comes from the driftwood. Dot settles down quickly on the skin and has a mixture of berry and citrus. It does smell quite fruity, but if you get close to the skin the citrus comes through. Dot has a long lasting smell, if I wear it on a night out I can still smell it on my clothes the next day! Once worn for two or three hours Dot becomes quite floral and musky which I prefer to the citrus. It is quite a 'grown up' fragrance and although light to start with becomes more complex with wear. If you wear your perfumes seasonally I would wear Dot in the Autumn/Winter time.

Lets move on.

Do we see a reoccurring theme here?! Honey comes in a very sweet little bottle, because the lid is so petite it looks small compared to Dot but I can assure you they are the same size! This reminds me of lemons rather than honey as the colour of the lid is a bright yellow. The bottle itself has one little bee attached to it and one is attached to the lid. They are very secure so there is no danger of them falling off unless you handled the bottle really roughly!

Honey is described as medley of pear and juicy mandarin. A sultry white floral heart of orange blossom and honeysuckle is brightened with luscious peach and apricot, before a melting honey, golden vanilla and smooth woods dry down mesmerises with blissful warmth.

I love these descriptions! I don't know anyone who really pays attention to them.

To me Honey smells light and zesty. It does have tones of pear and a slight orangey hint. I can't smell peach or apricot or vanilla and Honey is a very girly perfume. What I love about it is that although it settles it doesn't go musky and keeps its fruity smell with a hint of honey sweetness. This smell is slightly less complex that Dot however it smells beautiful and I dont think its a bad thing that it has fewer dimensions. Again if I were to give this a seasonal wear I would say spring and perhaps some summer although I can see it being too much when its boiling outside.

Dot recently won an award at the Beauty Club Awards which it run by Debenhams in conjunction with Glamour Magazine. I am not at all surprised that it won as it really is a beautiful perfume.

Dot and Honey will both set you back a fair amount of money, although if you shop around you can get some good deals, or watch for them in the sales. At Debenhams for 50ml each perfume will cost £50, in other shops it is around the same price.

I hope you enjoyed this review. What are your favourite perfumes?What do you think of Dot and Honey?

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