Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hair care.

As a loosely based follow on topic to my hair post yesterday, I thought I would talk about the products I use on my hair.

I have A LOT of hair products/tools that I use on a pretty regular basis. Although if Im at home I usually have my hair in a top knot, sometimes with a bandana.

I keep my electrical stuff in a storage box, along with hair dye, hair dye accessories, towels etc! My dry shampoo is in there too, although that's not its usual place!
 In my drawer I have all the other stuff, usually things that I use everyday, so hair spray, bobby pins etc. It looks really messy, but that's because it's so full of stuff at the moment!

 I have quite a lot of electrical equipment, last christmas my parents made me a 'hair hamper' and bought me all new equipment, it was my favourite present!
    The curling iron produces tight ringlet curls, it clamps your hair and although it gets hot it hasn't got a temperature gauge. The Remmington curling tong is interesting because you twist you hair around the tong and have to hold it in place with your hand. It comes with a heat proof glove, although I have lost mine! This produces loose curls for a less dressed up look.I think everyone is aware of what straighteners and a hair dryer do so I won't go into that!
From L-R is my Babyliss curling iron,a Remmington curling tong, a Nicky Clarke set of hair straighteners and a Babyliss hairdryer!

When I dry my hair I have to separate my hair into sections as its long and there is a lot of it! I use head jog butterfly clips to hold my hair as no others seem to hold my hair in place. I also use L'Oreal fixing spray and VO5 amplifying volume spray. I don't find the volume spray does much with my hair, but it does have a heat protection ingredient in it so that's why I keep using it.

It wont let me rotate this photo, however I think everything can be seen from this angle. This is what I use for basic styling. As I like to have 50's hair styles bobby pins are an absolute must. I buy them in bulk as I lose them a lot! I recently bought Fat Hair '0 Calorie Amplifying' hair spray. It smells really nice, sort of fruity and holds my hair very well without leaving it too crispy! I have a lot of black hair ties as they are nearest to my hair colour and because my hair is so long I keep it tied up quite a lot! 

These beauties are amazing! You can't really see them properly, I apologise for that!  They are basically see through elastic bands, they are quite small in size and are perfect ties for if you do a braid in your hair. They do snap quite easily but they were cheap to buy so it's not much of a big deal.

I know it's probably a bit weird to have 3 different hair brushes, but I use them all for different things!

The first on the left is a 'Tangle Teezer' this is superb, I love it! The clue to what it does is in the name, basically its a bit like a horses brush, it helps get out tangles, I'm not sure how but it works like magic! Also it comes in lots of cute colours, you can't see on mine but its blue with silver glitter! My large flat hair brush is mostly for brushing out my hair at night time, it also gets used for back coming the back half of my hair as the wide surface means its more even. The comb is used for if I do a front roll or a victory roll, the backcombing is more concentrated. My last brush is in between the flat brush and a comb, I use this for when I'm combing through wet hair.  

One of my favourite products is Batiste dry shampoo! I use it all the time because I can be too lazy to wash my hair and it smells like cherries. I find it helps with volumising my hair too, although if my cat is in the room he hates the sound of sprays and I don't want him to inhale the fumes so I sometimes have to fix my hair in the hallway :p I have used other brands but I always come crawling back to Batiste!
Last but not least is Moroccan Argan Oil. I used to be really skeptical about hair oil but this works really well. My hair is naturally smooth and silky but it definitely helped to fix it after I had bleached my hair to death! I use it probably twice a month as otherwise I find it can clog up my hair and make it feel greasy.

Well....that's it! I have a lot of hair stuff, but I use it all on a regular basis. I don't mind spending money on things that I actually use and although I'm not at all vain I am proud of my hair!

What hair products can't you live without?

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