Friday, 24 January 2014

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless and Funk.


It seems as if every beauty blog on the web is full of reviews about this product and it really is no surprise! Every time I popped into Superdrug they were out of stock! I decided to buy then online, they had been sitting in the virtual basket for over a week because every time I went to the checkout one would be out of stock!

Make Up Academy (MUA) are a brand that have been around for a while now, I don't know where else stocks their products, but you can find a lot of them in Superdrug. I have a couple of makeup items by MUA including an eyeshadow pallette which I love! So when I heard about these I knew I would need them in my lfe!

The lip lacquers come in cute black cardboard containers with gold writing. The hole in the packages allow you to see the product inside, always important especially with makeup I find! These look high end but they only cost £3 each which is a bargain!

The back of the packaging contains the usual information you would expect, ingredients/sell by date etc. It also says 'Get the ultimate velvet-matte pout with this richly pigmented,silky smooth lip lacquer. The quick dry formula glides on effortlessly to leave a gorgeous matte finish, that is smudge-proof & long-lasting.' Lets see how true this is!

L-R Funk & Reckless.
Out of the box these lacquers come in plastic tubes with a black screw top. The frosted look of these make them look high end and also make it look like it's made of glass which I think is a really good touch. I hate it when cheaper make up looks cheap!

Funk is a beautiful in your face pink colour. It is quite a dark pink, verging on hot pink. It is a bold statement colour which I really like!

Reckless is a dark red, much more in my comfort zone! It seems blue based and is a very rich red colour, slightly darker than I was expecting but I'm not complaining.

Both have their shade names clearly printed on the bottom, I can see them rubbing off if I keep one in my bag but I don't think you would get these two easily confused so it isn't much of a big deal.

Both have a normal doe foot application, its a bit longer than I'm used to but I found it easy to work with.

I apologise for the awful lighting on this picture, winter sun was not playing well! At the bottom is funk and the top is reckless. As you can see Funk is definitely a lot pinker than Reckless.

First off I need to apologise for the awful skin pics! I have had a breakout of spots and I am trying not to make it worse by covering myself in makeup when possible.

 On the lips reckless is a beautiful deep red colour. I find it glides on easily, although it can be slightly annoying waiting for it to dry!

Funk is a wonderful pink colour, you can tell that this is matte finish a lot more easily than reckless, I think the colour changes more here.

The only issues I found with this is that they both show up every little mistake made during application! Also I find that it wears off the inside of my lips pretty easily. I found Funk stayed on for hours with barely any wearing away, but Reckless started coming off in flakes after about an hour which was slightly off putting!

However both of these are beautiful colours, have a lovely matte finish and for £3 each are definitely worth the price tag.

What do you think about this lacquers? What colours do you have?

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