Friday, 17 January 2014

All about the hair.

**Advanced warning, this post contains a lot of pictures of my face,I get a bit snap happy when Im happy with my hair ;) **

I'm a gal who loves her hair! I try my best to take care of it, although we have had a few moments where I thought it would be ruined forever. My hair is black and dead straight, if you curl it it will fall out within 20 minutes, even with a good hair spray! I used to hate that but I have come to terms with it now and force it to play nice!

At the moment my hair is halfway down my back in length, I don't have a fringe which is unusual for me, but more about why in a minute. It is also dip dyed purple, although that has faded to a sort of pinky gingery colour. I am thinking about dying it again but I think I would have to bleach the ends which I'm slightly apprehensive about.

My hair on a normal day:

My most recent hair colour:

When I was younger I had short hair:

I think I was about 20 in this photo, so almost 7 years ago! When I was even younger my hair was very short at the back, you could spike it.

Then as I got older I didn't have enough money for haircuts anymore, well I did but I have other stuff to spend it on, hence why my hair went from above to what it's like now! But I'm happy I did it because it looks much better longer!

Last year I decided to bleach the underside of my hair, I also bleached one side of the underneath nearly up to my scalp. I hope I explained it right! I think decided to dye it a greeny/blue colour.

This was the result:

I looooved this colour so much, it looked awesome because I could have my hair down and you wouldnt see the green but when it was up you could see the colour. My family HATED it! I got some really bad comments from people at uni too (although they didn't say it to my face!) But I also got a lot of compliments about it and I loved it so there!

When the green had been washed out I then decided to dye it pink on the underside, people seemed to like this a lot better :p

In this picture my hair is curled, its one of the only times I wore it down whilst curled because they dropped out before I arrived at where I was going!

Why don't I have a fringe? I used to have one all the time, but I love doing a quiff/roll with the front of my hair and I found a fringe limited my styles. However I plan on cutting one back in in the future.
I'm a big bandana lover.....I love retro hair so much and you will usually see me with victory rolls, a big quiff and a bandana. I also love a high bun, I have a sponge donut thing that is a life saver, because my hair is fine it takes a lot to get it volume so I have to back comb it to death, the donut helps a lot!

I dressed up as a sugar skull for Halloween and decided to wear my hair down but have a big roll at the front and a fabric flower. I love the way it looks, it's one my favourite photos ever. I managed to get my hair looking just the way I wanted it to and it held for hours.

 This last photo probably shows off my hair the best out of any other, it was taken as I was looking out to sea and I think it's a pretty awesome photo ^_^

I hope you enjoyed learning all about my hair journeys! I plan to do some hair tutorials, if you have one you would like to see done or tell me about your hair do's and disasters, post in the comments!

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