Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Waikiki Melon Yankee Tart.


   Following on from my essay on Yankee Tarts yesterday I thought I would review one that I have since melted and give a quick run down on how to use a tart burner.

This is my tart burner, its a cylinder shape with a space at the bottom to put a tea light. It has gaps to stop the burner from becoming too hot and at the top it has white polka dots. I quite like it although it doesn't go with my room colour scheme at all!

Here you can see where the tea light fits underneath the burner. Although I don't burn anything whilst the cats are in my bedroom I do feel like this is slightly safer than a candle. They can't stick their heads into the flame like they can with a candle, this has occurred on a couple of occasions as my cats are very curious!

Waikiki Melon is an orange coloured tart, it has a strong melon scent but also has citrus tones too.

Here is the tart burner at work! I used half a tart and crumbled it so that it fit in the top. I'm not sure if my burner is just smaller than others but you couldn't fit a whole tart in the top. In fact when I burnt this one down there was too much wax and it spilt over the sides. Luckily I put my burner on a coaster so it didn't ruin the surface of the cabinet.

This is what it looks like mid melt, as you can see the top of the burner is an inverted dome meaning it catches all of the wax, it melts very quickly, taking only a few minutes to turn completely liquid.

When the tea light isn't lit and the tart is left to re solidify this is what it looks like. It is molded to fit the shape of the burner. When completely solid the wax tart can be popped out fairly easily, I use tweezers to ease mine out. It means you can swap scents and you can keep the burnt one in a sealed bag until you want to use it again. Yankee says that each tart has 8 hours of burning time. I find you can burn them for twice as long and still have a strong scent, also because I only use half these can last for ages! Really worth their money.

This is the tart during remelting, again it only takes a few minutes to turn from solid to liquid and it still smells as strong.

Getting onto the smell of Waikiki.....I really wanted to love this, I love the smell of melon and although this had a melon scent, it was overshadowed by a burnt citrus smell, it also had an overwhelming vanilla scent which hung around for a long time after. I was expecting this to be a lot more fruity but it didn't quite live up to what I wanted!

But this is why I bought a selection so I could decide exactly which ones I would buy again, trial and error!


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