Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Juvenate Eau De Parfum.


 So, I don't ever need an excuse to go to Hotel Chocolat but I usually don't because their chocolate is on the pricey side. However this week I went in to get a present for someone, as well as picking up a little 6 pack of gin truffles for me!

 When I went to the till the lovely lady there gave me two little perfume samples, I actually didn't hear exactly what she said until I had a look when I got home! I didn't even know that Hotel Chocolat did fragrance, but apparently there is a whole range of spa things which you can find on their website. The two samples I received were called Repose and the other Revive.

L-R Repose and Revive.
The tester come in cute little cardboard containers, one is bronze and black and the other is silver and white.

It has a little tab at the top inviting you to pull, once you do the packaging puffs out, giving it enough room to be squeezed for a spray of perfume.

Here you can see it puffed out, sorry for the blur. You can also see my toadstool manicure which I will do a review on when I have mastered it!

On the website the description of the fragrance is a little thin on the ground, it doesn't have what each one is supposed to smell like. I guess that isn't so much of a problem but I do think it makes it more difficult to decide what to buy.

The back of the packet has a little description, it says ' An invigorating scent inspired by freshly cut cocoa pods with an uplifting, enlivening fusion of bergamot, green tea and citrus notes, blended seamlessly with the rich aromas of jasmine, neroli and rose, resting on a base of warm sandalwood and sensual musk.' Phew what a mouthful! It sounds like a complex fragrance, I love bergamot so this sounds lovely to me.

The little sample has 0.01 fl oz so it is literally a teeny amount of product, but obviously for a free sample that is fine! It also has an ingredients list and says it can be kept for 12 months. I believe this product is made in St Lucia.

When sprayed this immediately smells like a female perfume, it actually has a hint of lime which I really love. It smells quite soapy which I'm not surprised at because bergamot does have a soapy smell to it, the rose also comes through slightly. I haven't been wearing it long enough to really gauge if it smells musky but I think the citrus may stop that happening.

I don't think I would buy this one, not because I don't like it but because I have quite a few citrus perfumes and I don't think it would get used. It is really unusual though and I can't stop sniffing it!

I really like the colour scheme on repose, the scent itself is a lot deeper than Revive so I feel like they got the colour scheme really accurate in regards to this.

The back of Repose says 'A warm, intriguing scent inspired by the richness of roasted cocoa, luxuriously blending a heady and sensual, exotic bouquet of spiced white florals with a base of must, sandalwood and leather.' Now as we know I don't ever pay much mind to product descriptions in regards to scent, however I have to say this one is bang on!

When first sprayed, it smells like cut stalks of cocoa and immediately begins to settle into a slightly smoky warm fragrance. It has spicy undertones with a musky feel, it smells masculine but sweet too, I think men could actually get away with this, I reckon if it were sprayed on a man it would pick up the masculine smell. It's absolutely lovely.

I would definitely buy Repose, however it costs £47 for 50ml....which I really cannot justify!But it is beautiful and would've made a lovely Valentines present for a lady (if I had got my review out on time!)

Would you buy these perfumes? Have you ever bought anything from Hotel Chocolat?


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