Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nail Art Galore!


I confess I am a bad blogger! I don't have a good enough excuse except that I find it difficult to follow through with projects, but I'm trying my best!

Ayway, I have been spending quite a lot of time on nail art in recent times, some more interesting than others so I decided for my return post I would show off a couple of the pieces I have done recently.

Confetti Nails: 

These are probably my favourite of all the recent nail art I have done. I thought I would include a picture of all the paraphernalia I used to create it! Basically all you do is either paint a white base coat or just a clear one, then using the dotting tool dot different colour varnish on your nails in a cluster at the top of your nail, its ok if they over lap. It's much easier to do one colour at a time, as in dotting all nails with one colour then moving onto the next. I used nine different colours, the more you use the more effective it is.

Mint Chocolate: 

I used the new Models Own Speckled Egg collection with this manicure. It was actually one of my friends who said it looks like Mint chocolate ice cream and I totally agree, I also used Models Own Blueberry Muffin on my other nails, I love the contrast.


This manicure was waaaay back just after my birthday, I had a woodland theme birthday party so these nails went well! I had a really tough time finding a good colour background that wouldnt change the colour of the red on the mushrooms. In the end I went for Models Own Apple Pie, I then drew the mushrooms on and used a dotting tool to create the spots, I thought it was really sweet!


I have a huge love for ombre nails and even though they're a complete faff to do I love the end result so much. To do these ombre nails I used coral, pink and orange together to create a sunset effect. You will need some make up sponges (the type that are triangles) cut off the tip so you have a wide flat space, stripe the nail varnish in three lines side by side with each other, then press onto the nail. To get a better effect dab onto the nail under the colour is vivid.

Clouds and Rainbows:

Honestly....I just wanted a chance to do cloud nails again, I love the effect and they are so easy! I decided that rainbows would be easy to do and they went with the theme. My boyfriend approved of these ones as well which means I'm definitely on to a winner with that boy ^_^


These are simple but effective, I was actually complimented by a number of people and have been told by more than one person that they look like Yoshi Eggs! I used Blueberry Muffin by Models Own as a base and the dots were in Turquoise Hyper gel by Models Own, I love them!

So there you are....a journey through my recent nail art, I'm noticing that my skills are improving and I am quite a lot of time to practice. I of course have had some mishaps but have learnt to take deep breaths and try try again!

I hope you have been rocking some fabulous nail art recently! I promise to post more prolifically in the future!


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