Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Revamping Furniture.


 So I recently decided to redecorate my bedroom, I have wanted mint green walls in my room for a very long time and decided that I wanted mint green with coral and white accents. I will do a separate post to show off the room in all its glory but suffice to say I am in love with it!

When I was moving furniture I realised my old bedside table was cracked up the side, I wasn't too sad to get rid of it because it was a hideous Argos creation however it did mean I needed a new one! I was looking online and found one I quite liked but when I spoke to my Mum about it she said that my Grandma had exactly the same one and as she had two she might part with one.

She said yes, although skeptical when I said I wanted to do it up!

I didn't manage to get a photo so this one isn't mine, but its the same!

The first thing I did was take out the drawers and remove the handles from the drawers. The wood was quite dark so I wanted to paint a primer first. I sanded the surface lightly so that the paint would stick better. I apologise for the awful lighting!

I have nothing but good things to say about this primer, it's made by Glidden and the coverage was amazing! 

A note to say....this took me about 2 weeks all in all, it requires a lot of patience and some good weather! I used two coats of primer and waited a day between each coat. I then left it for four days, this isn't strictly necessary but I think the more drying time it has the better!

I then began painting on the colour, below is a drawer with just one coat! I did 3 coats in all along with some touch ups, again leaving a day between each coat. I used Forest Falls 3 by Dulux. On their official website you can get paint samples, I bought six for £4 and didn't even use them all, I think I had two left over. It's a really cheap way to paint things!

This is the finished product, a beautiful minty green side table, I absolutely loved the way it turned out. After it was painted it was left for 3 days, we then used a spray on varnish to held the paint stick and also because I didn't want it to chip!

The handles were from Amazon and at £1.57 they were an absolute steal! They also come in some different colours, they are very sturdy and easy to attach,wonderful!

Here it is in action with my coral table making a cheeky appearance!

I was so proud of this because I can't believe I managed to make something look so pretty! It has had so many compliments and even my Grandma liked it!

Do you do any sort of furniture revamps?


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