Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Panda Manicure.


   I know that when people say about how easy a manicure is I usually roll my eyes in disbelief! However I promise you this manicure is easy as pie and you only need five things.

Here it is.....

                                                              A panda manicure!

All you need for this is a base/topcoat, white nail polish, black nail polish and two dotting tools (I used the second biggest one and the second smallest one out of my five.) Do your base coat then either paint 3 fingers all white, or you can do pandas on all of your nails depending on how you feel!

For the pandas I painted most of the nail white but left a small gap at the top, you want it to be a sort of semi circle shape but don't be too concerned about that. Then using the bigger of the two dotting tools dot the black nail varnish where the white polish ends to create ears, you can dot more than once to make the ears slightly bigger.

I then used the smaller dotting tool with the black polish to create eyes and a nose, then used the same dotting tool in white to do in the black to make the eyes. Dot very gently otherwise you may get too much white on the black dots. Make sure the black has dried before layering over it.

Slick on your topcoat and your done, easy peasy!

I used Models Own white hypergel which is amazing if like me you use white as a colour and not just a base to make the colour pop. I believe the black is Nails Inc Black Taxi.

Let me know if you attempt this manicure or have any tips!


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