Friday, 29 August 2014

Cupcakes & Chopsticks.


   Just a small post today about some very cute jewellery that arrived on my doorstep today! Tom knows how hard I have been working at the whole weight loss thing and when I lost 3 pounds this week he said he was getting me a little something to say well done....this is what arrived.

This box has the most adorable label ever! Its a little panda shaped cupcake with a pair of chopsticks (hence the brand name Cupcakes & Chopsticks.)

Inside were these super awesome Spider Man earrings! They aren't quite the same as dangly earrings because they have a stud back and they don't hang very far but they are fairly big in the ears. They look like little comic books! ^_^ Tom and I are both geeky comic types, although he definitely is ahead of me in the geeky stakes so these are perfect! He also bought me a pair of Batman studs a few weeks ago which I tried to picture but it didn't come out well :( So I now have two pairs in my collection :D

As you can see the backs have studs which seem sturdy to me although I will probably change the backs to butterfly ones as they work better in my ears!

I was very pleased with my little gift and very happy Tom knows what I like, he is yet to get me something I don't like!

Have you got any geeky jewellery?


P.S. Link to Cupcakes & Chopsticks!

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