Friday, 27 December 2013

Bath and Body Works PocketBacs.


  I'm a big fan of antibacterial hand washes but I found that I wasn't a huge fan of the 'normal' smells like lemon and aloe vera. When my grandma was in hospital last year we used to have to use antibac a lot and now the normal ones remind me of that!

The solution I have found is Bath and Body Works Pocketbacs.
 The website does not have all of the flavours I have, I think that is because most of mine are seasonal. These Pocketbacs can be tricky to get hold of in the UK and when buying them the postage usually costs too much for me to justify buying them. However, luckily for me my Dad went to Chicago just before Christmas and picked me up 5 of $5 which is amazing value! I also already owned 3 which I will also review here.

Here are all of them together, I hope it shows the size of them. They're fairly small and contain 29ml of liquid.

From L-R Twisted Peppermint, Merry Cherry Love, Fresh Picked Strawberries and Ocean Sunset.

From L-R Midnight Pomegranate, Candy Cane Bliss, Pear Berry Cuddles and Sugar Plum Dream.

 Ocean Sunset.
To me this smells like a fruit cocktail, it's quite citrusy and light and actually has a hint of aftershave!

 Sugar Plum Dream.
This smells sugary sweet with a hint of berries, to me it doesn't smell much like plum, more like blackberries but it is delicious!

 Twisted Peppermint.
This (obviously) smells like mint, but it also has a sugary edge and a slight hint of vanilla. It smells like fox's clear mints to me!

 Pear Berry Cuddles.
I love this especially because of the owls! This has a really strong smell of pears and smells soapy, I think it has a floral edge too. It doesn't smell anything like antibac which I love.

 Candy Cane Bliss.
This is super minty, it smells really gorgeous and I'm not a massive mint fan.

 Freshly Picked Strawberries.
As expected this smells exactly like strawberries, it reminds me of strawberry jam and is the nearest in scent to the real thing!

 Merry Cherry Love.
This is a really hard scent to place, it does smell like cherries but it also has a hint of earthy smell, its what I would imagine sitting under a cherry tree in summer would smell like. Although I haven't made it sound the best it really is lovely.

Midnight pomegranate.
This is quite deep and musky with a fruity smell, it suits the name midnight well, it's the kind of scent you would wear if you were off to a late night event.

All of their Pocketbacs contain these blue beads, they disappear and don't leave any colour, I think it makes them feel like they're more cleansing! 

All of these also contain Tahitian palm milk which is softening to the hands. I find my hands are usually very dry and these don't dry them out at all which I love.

Do you like to use Pocketbacs?

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